Clint Muhlfeld's Publications

Selected publications

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Author or co-author of over 50 technical presentations at scientific meetings, symposia, workshops, and seminars since 1998; list available upon request by contacting Clint Muhlfeld.

Selected Professional Services:

Affiliate Research Professor, University of Montana & Montana State University

President, Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (2003-2006; Executive
Committee: consecutive terms for president-elect, president, and past-president)

Technical Advisor, Montana Invasive Species Council

Chair, Resident Fish Committee (2003-2005; consecutive terms for vice-chair and chair)

Committee Member, Bull Trout Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Group (2005- present)

Committee Member, FWP Fisheries Monitoring Committee (2006- present)

Committee Member, Transboundary Flathead Working Group- Crown of the Continent Governor’s Task Force (2005- present)

Chair, Species of Special Concern Committee, Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (1999-2003)