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Aug 19, 2015: Researchers Explore Declining Bat Population In North America
Aug 17, 2015: GRIZZLY SERIES: Food source has bears on move
Aug 14, 2015: New GPS collars track nuisance bears in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Aug 14, 2015: A Heated Situation
Aug 2, 2015: Weather challenging water managers of Bighorn Reservoir
Aug 2, 2015: Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team to trap bears near Yellowstone
Aug 1, 2015: Berries & Bears

July 29, 2015: Snake River cutties spread out each spring
July 15, 2015: Black Bear Reintroduction Shows Population Growth
July 15, 2015: Struggling amphibians get a beaver boost
July 7, 2015: Trout in Hot Water
July 6, 2015: 'Explosion' of research on Yellowstone bison
July 2, 2015: Elk sticking closer to town
July 1, 2015: Of Bears and Berries

June 28, 2015: Wolves in big packs more likely to survive mange
June 21, 2015: Huckleberry hound: Glacier Park researcher studies a favorite of bears, birds, humans
June 1, 2015: The grolar bear dilemma -- do warming-created hybrids hurt species?

May 30, 2015: Pack power
May 17, 2015: USGS study says global warming threatens genetic diversity in Columbia River Basin bull trout
May 17, 2015: Chronic illness causes less harm when carnivores cooperate
May 2, 2015: MOST Projects Manager Says Melting Glaciers a Sad Reality....

April 29, 2015: Drought-Parched Lake Mead Could Leave Seven States High and Dry
April 22, 2015: Going, going, glaciers gone
April 18, 2015: Glacier Park Stonefly Threatened by Climate Change
April 15, 2015: Plight of Imperiled Montana Insect Draws Lawsuit
April 10, 2015: Grizzly Bear Study Set to Begin in Yellowstone National Park

March 27, 2015: Though No Imminent Risk Of Extinction, Redband Trout Facing Lost Habitat, Hybridization
March 26, 2015: Renewed Lake Trout Suppression Efforts Underway
March 23, 2015: Energy Development Promotes Presence of Non-Native Plant Species in the Williston Basin
March 18, 2015: Fish work in Glacier lake shows results
March 9, 2015: International Bat Monitoring Research Group Receives "Wings Across the Americas" Award

February 14, 2015: Study measures glacial flows
February 13, 2015: ESA-Listed Bull Trout: Spawning Preferences Make Fish Sensitive To Flow Regime Changes, Temperature

January 25, 2015: Trout Changes.
January 25, 2015: Differences, shared challenges highlight World Parks Congress in Australia.
January 21, 2015: Glacier serving as a model for world parks.
January 14, 2015: The grizzly bears of Glacier National Park.

December 25, 2014: Cabinet-Yaak grizzlies on road to recovery
December 15, 2014: Salmon shift migration timing to cope with a changing climate
December 4, 2014: Melting of glaciers at famed U.S. park threatens rare water bug

November 23, 2014: Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park
November 17, 2014: Study seeks to analyze hunter-bear interactions
November 13, 2014: More grizzlies eating moths in region south of Yellowstone

October 29, 2014: Fewer Grizzly Bears Dying in Yellowstone Area
October 29, 2014: Y’stone tries to shock young lakers to death
October 28, 2014: Scientific Minds of UM: Gordon Luikart
October 18, 2014: A New Era of Bull Trout Recovery
October 16, 2014: Crossing boundaries: Scientists studying Yellowstone
October 12, 2014: Bats are hit by a hard one-two punch
October 3, 2014: Part Three - Bullfrog problem (story begins at min 18:38)
October 2, 2014: Invasion of voracious bullfrogs spreads in Montana

September 25, 2014: The Weather Channel Climate Week - Part 1
September 25, 2014: The Weather Channel Climate Week - Part 2
Sept 26, 2014: Q&A with USGS Entomologist Joe Giersch
Sept 25, 2014: Outdoors just for kids: Grizzly bears have a ferocious appetite
Sept 21, 2014: Snowpack Declines in the Rocky Mountains
Sept 9, 2014: Yellowstone grizzly bears now dine on dandelions instead of trash
Sept 8, 2014: Proposed Bull Trout Recovery Plan Addresses Climate Change
Sept 3, 2014: California's 100-year drought
Sept 2, 2014: Yellowstone grizzly bears remain genetically isolated

Aug 27, 2014: There's A Big Leak In America's Water Tower
Aug 14, 2014: Montana: Big Sky Country, Big Climate Problems
Aug 12, 2014: Tracking Snow: The Cryosphere in an Era of Climate Change
Aug 1, 2014: Yellowstone-area grizzly conflicts decline in 2013

July 24, 2014: In Southcentral Alaska, salmon declines are pinned on a toothy invader
July 18, 2014: Invasive pike are chowing down on a once-thriving Alaskan chinook salmon fishery
July 18, 2014: Pikas In The Gorge Help Scientists Study Climate Change
July 16, 2014: Putting a price tag on Flathead Lake
July 16, 2014: Report confirms climate change in national parks
July 16, 2014: Columbia River Gorge's tiny pikas may be valuable indicator species for climate change
July 12, 2014: Study investigates 'extreme pikas' of Columbia Gorge
July 9, 2014: Author chronicles history of Glacier Park's fire lookouts
July 8, 2014: Yellowstone roadside grizzlies worth rangers’ hassle

June 27, 2014: New Book Says Glacier National Park Is Losing Glaciers
June 21, 2014: Teams Trapping Grizzlies as Feds Eye Delisting
June 16, 2014: Teams comb Flathead Indian Reservation for clues about ancient, recent fires
June 9, 2014: USGS releases free updated digital maps of Montana
June 6, 2014: Climate change expedites hybrid trout takeover
June 5, 2014: Glacier’s glaciers expected to resume retreat after pause in melting

May 30, 2014: Study Finds Climate Change Accelerates Hybridization Between Native, Invasive Trout
May 30, 2014: Study: climate change has boosted fish cross-breeding
May 28, 2014: Climate changes push native Montana trout toward extinction: study
May 27, 2014: Hybrid Trout Threaten Montana's Native Cutthroats
May 27, 2014: Climate change helps rainbow cross-breed with cutthroats
May 27, 2014: Farewell to the cutthroat trout?
May 25, 2014: Climate Warming Driving Native Trout to Extinction, Study Says
May 25, 2014: Researcher Draws Connection Between Climate Change and Harmful Hybridization of Native Trout
May 22, 2014: Grizzlies make a tenuous comeback in Montana’s Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem
May 7, 2014: A full plate for scientist at USGS station
May 7, 2014: Climate report predicts more extreme weather, more disease
May 6, 2014: Climate change: Visual evidence seen in Glacier
May 6, 2014: Yellowstone Park lake trout suppression makes stride
May 6, 2014: Yellowstone grizzlies: a success story headed to delisting?
May 2, 2014: Everything You Wanted To Know About Avalanches

Apr 18, 2014: Study finds mercury in national park fish
Apr 1, 2014: Controversy centers on grizzly bear count

Mar 28, 2014: Griz delisting process likely to start this fall
Mar 27, 2014: Move to de-list Yellowstone grizzlies moves forward
Mar 25, 2014: As Temperatures Rise, A ‘Teaching Moment’ Arises in Glacier Park
Mar 20, 2014: Lake trout numbers continue to fall in Yellowstone
Mar 12, 2014: Lake trout cull could boost cutthroat, feed grizzlies

Feb 27, 2014: Griz population on the rise in Yellowstone
Feb 27, 2014: Griz counts not flawed
Feb 27, 2014: Researchers: Yellowstone Grizzlies not in decline
Feb 20, 2014: Study Affirms Y2Y Strategy in Cabinet Purcell Mountain Corridor
Feb 7, 2014: Climate change becomes a rapid, unplanned survival experiment for animal species
Feb 5, 2014: Falling Off
Feb 4, 2014: Olympics 2014: Let the Science Begin!

Jan 29, 2014: Warmer water species pointing to changing climate in Yellowstone River
Jan 21, 2014: Yellowstone grizzlies face losing protected status
Jan 16, 2014: Are Yellowstone grizzlies ready for delisting?
Jan 8, 2014: Wetland contamination can be predicted in oil boom states, study finds

News Releases and USGS Top Stories

March 2015: Energy Development Promotes Presence of Non-Native Plant Species in the Williston Basin
December 2014: Rare Insect Found Only in Glacier National Park Imperiled by Melting Glaciers
October 2014: Bullfrog Invasion of the Yellowstone River
June 2014: Understanding the Relation between Energy and the Environment using Integrated Science
May 2014: Climate Change Accelerates Hybridization between Native and Invasive Species of Trout
May 2014: Bozeman geologist to be honored at Geological Society of America event
May 2014: Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Birds, Bats, and Bugs
June 2013: Invasive Snails are Target of UI, USGS Environmental DNA Study
May 2013: New study examines relationship between oil production...
May 2013: Warmer Springs Causing Loss of Snow Cover throughout the Rocky Mountains
March 2013: Pika Populations Affected by Climate in the Great Basin
January 2013: How Will Native Rocky Mountain Trout Fare with Climate Changes?
January 2013: Invasive Pike Persist When Preferred Prey Decline
May 2012: New "Hair of the Bear" Study Launched to Estimate Grizzly Bear Population
April 2012: Earbones Accurately Record a Fish’s Life Travels
April 2012: Medical Fight Against Cancer May Hold Lessons for Battling Aquatic Invasive Species
February 2012: USGS Scientist Receives Distinguished Career Award
June 2011: Study Finds Recent Snowpack Declines Unusual...
May 2011: Persistence of Chronic Wasting Disease...
April 2011: Rare Alpine Insect May Disappear with Glaciers
March 2011: Native Trout Fare Best When Dams Use Natural Stream Flow Management Practices
December 2010: Thermal Imagery Sheds Light on Wolf Disease
August 2010: Prestigious award granted to local grizzly researchers
April 2010: Keeping track of grizzly bears in the Northern Rockies
March 2010: Elk brucellosis infection may be increasing in the GYE
February 2009: Past Meets Present in Glacier Exhibit
January 2009: >Results of Landmark Montana Grizzly Bear Study Now Available
September 2008New study estimates 765 grizzly bears reside in northwest Montana
June 2008: Study Seeks Innovative Ways to Monitor Bears


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