Video: Wolf-bear interaction at elk carcass

Video Description: A wolf feeds on a road-killed elk carcass in the morning. A grizzly bear with two cubs feeds on the carcass in the evening. A grizzly bear will chuff and pop its jaw when it feels threatened. Sometimes it will also charge at the threat, usually veering off or stopping short – a bluff charge. Early the next morning a grizzly bear with cubs chuffs and bluff charges a wolf. The wolf appears to be alone and, at times, postures as if it is playing. Video camera was triggered by a motion sensor (Make sure you have your sound on for this; note: at one point there a loud sound that is wind). August 10, 2007. Glacier National Park. Remote Video Footage by USGS Northern Divide Bear Project and Glacier National Park. Length: 5 minutes 14 seconds, File Size: 5.61 MB. Clip: OB02v

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Kendall_ O2007carcasswolfbear.wmv5.61 MB